April 11, 2024

15 Tips From Ross Galt For Keeping Your Home Secure Over The Holidays

It is an exciting and busy time when you are heading away for the holidays. You’ve got to pack, make arrangements for pets, plan and book your activities, make travel arrangements and decide where you are going to stay. But, as exciting as going away is there is one thing that you should be mindful of – your house will be empty, and unfortunately deserted houses can be an easy target for burglars.

How can you keep your home safe and secure during the holidays? Read our 15 top tips on how to protect your home and keep valuables safe from burglaries and theft.

1. Keep Valuables Out Of Sight

One of the simplest security-conscious things you can do before you leave on your holiday is to make your way around your home and put any valuables out of plain sight. Leaving expensive laptops, gadgets or toys in plain sight of the windows is pretty much inviting burglars in. Instead, conceal items in the cupboard, under the bed or simply put them out of sight of the windows or make them not visible from the street.

2. Think About Installing A Ross Galt Safe

Locking your most precious items in a safe is an extra layer of security that can pay off if thieves manage to enter the home. They may be able to break into the house, but they won’t be able to break into the safe! You’ll have greater peace of mind knowing your sentimental items and valuables are safe and secure.

3. Tell Your Neighbours You’re Going Away

Letting your neighbours know you aren’t going to be home is a good way to ensure they will keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. This is particularly useful if strange vehicles are parked in your driveway or people are loitering about outside your home. The neighbours will be able to let you know or notify the police.

4. Redirect Mail Or Get A Friend To Collect It For you

Have your mail/courier parcels diverted to an alternate address or held for the period of time that you are away. If this is not possible, get a friend or neighbour to call by every other day and do a quick parcel check at the door. Random packages sitting on the doorstep are a sure way to attract thieves.

5. Think About Installing Ross Galt CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Motion-activated security cameras are a great way to deter thieves. The presence of CCTV video surveillance systems is often enough to cause a burglar to move on as it makes for a more tricky situation. Even if they get away with the burglary, there may be incriminating evidence on the cameras.

6. Lock The Car In The Garage

Unfortunately, thieves are always on the lookout for a quick and easy opportunity to steal from vehicles, or to steel the vehicles themselves. Where possible, it is best to store your vehicle in a lockable garage. Not only does this protect it from being broken into, but it also protects the vehicle from becoming a target itself. If a garage is not possible, avoid leaving any items in your car that may attract attention, and park the vehicle in plain sight.

7. Don’t Forget About Internal Access Doors

The garage is often a bit of a weak spot when it comes to home security. Think about installing deadbolts and solid core doors between the garage and the home (if your house has an attached garage). Ensuring that all these doors are strong, sturdy, and secured with deadbolts will prevent easy access to the house if burglars are able to get into the garage.

8. Upgrade Your Home Security System

Installing or upgrading your home security system with high-tech security equipment is the best way to secure your home. This could include smart burglar alarms, which incorporate expandable zones, glass-break sensors, PIR detectors, and personal or professional monitoring options. Remote access to your alarm system is also possible from your mobile phone, so you can be instantly notified if the alarm goes off.

9. Keep your Travel Plans And Pictures Offline

A bit of a no brainer, but burglars can use pics and information you unwittingly provide via social media to locate your home. Avoid posting pictures of your holidays while away, and never post where you’re going, when you’re leaving, or when you’ll be back (this includes your children and teenagers!). If you really want to share all the great times with loved ones, make sure your privacy settings are on, and only your friends and family can see your posts. Or just wait until you get home!

10. Upgrade Your Locks

Keyless entry or digital door locks are becoming more and more common as smart home integration expands. They can be a great hassle-free security upgrade for busy people with busy lives – especially if you tend to forget to lock the front door, frequently lose your keys or lock yourself out on occasion. Digital locks mean you no longer need to hide a spare key in the backyard, which is a known security risk, and they offer additional levels of security against attempted break-ins when compared to traditional lock-and-key systems.

11. Install Security Lighting

Having the internal lights go on and off is just the beginning, an easy and affordable way to deter intruders is with outdoor sensor lighting. Outdoor lights that automatically switch on when movement is detected are great for lighting up dark areas surrounding the home and preventing people from going unnoticed when lingering about. Sensor lights are easy to install, cheap to buy and run, and they offer a low-effort solution to increasing the security of your home

12. Think About Getting A House Sitter

If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, it can be a good idea to consider getting someone you trust to house sit for you. Having people stay in your house is the easiest and safest way to keep your property secure while you’re away. Ask around with friends and family and see if anyone is interested – they might even be able to combine it with a holiday of their own!

13. Install A Video Doorbell

Smart doorbell camera systems are perhaps one of the most useful security products to hit the market in recent times. Able to capture exactly what’s happening on your doorstep, offering two-way audio (giving the impression you are at home) and mobile access means you will always know what’s going on your front doorstep. This can be useful when unexpected packages are delivered too as you can ask a neighbour to pick them up for you.

14. Invest In A Monitored Alarm Service

While installing an alarm as part of your security system is always a great idea, not all alarms are considered equal. Investing in a monitored alarm service is the best way to maximise the security of your property and avoid theft or damage. Household alarms can be linked back to a 24/7 monitoring centre, in the event an alarm is triggered, the homeowner will be notified, and the appropriate agreed-upon action will be taken.

For more information on securing your home over the holidays or upgrading your home security system, talk to Ross Galt . Our professional locksmith and electronic security staff can guide you through the process of better securing your property, provide expert advice on the best products to suit your needs, and even complete a security audit to identify any potential security issues.


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