Surveillance cameras and alarms

Security systems

We have a range of security system options including wireless and outdoor security cameras, CCTV and alarm systems. Talk to our certified team about your home or business and we will help you design a security system to suit your needs and budget.

We make protecting property easier.

For over 50 years, people in Christchurch and Canterbury have trusted us to help them keep their homes and businesses secure with security cameras and alarm systems. We’re here to help you.

Choosing your security system.

Depending on the unique layout and location of your property and type of monitoring you want, we’ll help you choose the right security cameras and alarms for the right places.

What alarm response plan do you need?

This can be tailored and range from simple remote video monitoring and telephone call backs, to prompt on-site checks, and if it’s needed, even an escalation plan for police or emergency services intervention.

Maintaining your security system.

We provide comprehensive alarm and security camera servicing to ensure your system is always working when you need it – and that it works for a long time.

Remote system management.

Your security system and cameras can be controlled through a smartphone app. It’s so easy. You can check it, set it, even close your gate or garage door!

Do you really need security in NZ?

Although we live in one of the worlds safest countries (go us!) this doesn't mean that we don't have any crime or that our property and loved ones are necessarily safe when we are away or a sleep .
74% of crime in New Zealand is property related.*
Most burglaries happen early afternoon when you are at work.
7 out of 10 burglaries are residential
In 2020 there were 202,157 reported crimes relating to property, theft or intrusions in NZ. *
You are up to 300 times LESS likely to be broken into if you have a monitored security system.

* Statistics taken from September 2020 crime report via www.police.govt.nz

Why choose Ross Galt?

When it comes down to it, you want peace of mind—our Total Security Solutions provide exactly that. Our team of experts can help you find the right solution for your home or business, so nothing is left to chance.

55 Years of Excellence

With 55 years of experience, we are known for providing exceptional customer service and the highest quality of work.

Award from the city of Christchurch in recognition of Ross Galt's service during the earthquakes of 2010 - 2011

Trusted by Christchurch

When it comes to protecting your family and business, why wouldn’t you choose the best? And we've built an unprecedented reputation for being the most trusted and reliable security solution company in Christchurch.

Expert Advice - Tailored for You

Each site we work on is unique and presents its own challenges. So we ask all the right questions to make sure you get exactly the right protection for your property. We provide free site assessments and quotes in Christchurch.

Fixed Price Installations

Our fixed price installations are just that – fixed price! So, there will be no surprises once the job is completed. Proving that alarms, CCTV systems and electronic locks are more affordable than you may think!

No Job too Big or too Small

With 15 GPS equipped vehicles, 19 expert Locksmiths and 6 electronic specialists there is no job to big or small. And with our "best in the business" team, from installers and repairers to automotive and safe specialists you can be certain that we can help. ‍

Here For You 24/7

Security-related events don’t typically keep office hours. Which is why we’re available 24/7 for urgent security issues, so you can get the help you need, fast!

Total Security Solutions

Electronic and smart locks, automotive keys and lock repairs, proximity remotes, safe sales and installation, alarm installations and upgrades, CCTV systems, 24/7 monitoring, driveway beams, access control, intercoms, automatic gate security, site maintenance, and more. Whatever you need, we have you covered!

Ramp up your security.

Security professional monitoring a CCTV feeds 24/7

24/7 Monitoring

A burglar alarm without alarm monitoring is just noise – noise that is often ignored. Don’t leave your security to chance! Our 24/7 Security System monitoring services include Intruder Alarms, CCTV Surveillance systems, Fire & Medical Alarm systems.



CCTV systems are used to protect people, assets, customers, and buildings. You want to ensure it stays that way, which is why we’ve introduced CheckMyCCTV Proactive CCTV Maintenance Monitoring.

Thief tampering with a CCTV camera - CheckMyCCTV

Need to talk to a security expert?

We are proud to offer the world's leading brands and easy to use technology. However, we are always here to help if you have a question or require assistance. Call us 24/7.

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