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Abus 110/195 Flexible Hasp & Staple

195 mm flexible hasp & staple.

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The Abus 110 hinged hasp can be used wherever you want to secure something around the corner. It is suitable for boxes, cupboards, chests, garden boxes, etc., to which a hasp must be attached at the corner. It has a hardened steel eyelet, which makes it much more difficult to hit or break open. The screws are concealed after assembly and the hinge pins are protected against being driven out.

Because the following applies to every security solution: The longer it takes a thief to break into something, the better the chances that he will give up and move on.


  • Sturdy flexible hasp and staple
  • Fully concealed fixing
  • Hardened steel staple
  • Tear-off resistant hinge pins

  • Eyelet hole clearance: 12.5 mm
  • Overall size: 195 mm x 45 mm

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