Euro-Profile Escape Lock Cylinder

Fixed cam euro-profile lock cylinder with escape function.

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SKU 12511

Fixed cam euro-profile lock cylinder with escape function.

  • Escape function allows the lock to still be operable by key from the outside when a key is left inserted on the inside.

  • Double cylinder
  • 31 mm / 31 mm to centre of cam
  • 5 pin C4 barrel
  • Cylinders are supplied keyed random as standard
  • E type cylinder accepts the addition of a Securiturn (refer note)
  • Satin chrome finish

Note: A feature of Securiturn when used in standard Euro Cylinders is that key access from outside will be prevented by turning Securiturn from the correct vertical position. However with Escape Euro Cylinders each cylinder barrel acts independently of the other and consequently a Securiturn can be turned from the vertical position without preventing access from the outside.

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