ISEO Libra Master Programming Card Set

Programming card set for ISEO Libra smart lock.

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Programming card set for ISEO Libra smart lock.

  • Master Cards are used to configure and manage ISEO Libra smart locks. The set of Master Cards consists of 3 cards numbered from 1 to 3.
  • Each set of Master Cards has a univocal system’s code. During the initialization phase with Master Cards, the system’s code and the relative set of Master Cards is associated to the lock(s).
  • For the lock(s) initialization, use exclusively Master Card 1, and put cards 2 and 3 in a safe place.
  • The use of Master Cards 2 and 3 will be required only if Master Card 1 is lost or damaged. All locks must be initialized or updated with the same Master Card.
  • Note that only Master Card 1 and 2 can initialize the lock(s). Master Card 3 must be considered as the updating card for a new Master Card Set, since its loss could irreversibly compromise the possibility to modify or update locks.

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