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Lucky Line Key Cap

Lucky Line key caps help to easily organize and color code keys.

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Lucky Line key caps help to easily organize and color code keys.

The vibrant shades allow for quick and immediate identification of similar looking keys. The rubber-like vinyl material is highly resilient and resists cracking and fading. It can also be stretched and manipulated to securely fit most medium key shapes.

While created very sturdy and thick, they can still be easily placed through a key ring. The textured surface allows for a strong and comfortable grip to the key. Lucky Line key caps are popular for organizing keys at the office, home, and large facilities.


  • Size: 1″ x ¾″
  • Keeps similar keys separated by color
  • Provides a firm grip on key head
  • Will stretch to fit over most standard key heads for easy key ID
  • Rubber-like vinyl resists tearing and color fading
  • Superior material; pliable, but won’t break
  • Available in assorted colours including black, blue, dark blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow

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